Ligand id: 3935

Name: F2L

Species: Human

1. Gao JL, Guillabert A, Hu J, Le Y, Urizar E, Seligman E, Fang KJ, Yuan X, Imbault V, Communi D, Wang JM, Parmentier M, Murphy PM, Migeotte I. (2007)
F2L, a peptide derived from heme-binding protein, chemoattracts mouse neutrophils by specifically activating Fpr2, the low-affinity N-formylpeptide receptor.
J Immunology, 178: 1450-1456. [PMID:17237393]
2. Migeotte I, Riboldi E, Franssen JD, GrĂ©goire F, Loison C, Wittamer V, Detheux M, Robberecht P, Costagliola S, Vassart G, Sozzani S, Parmentier M, Communi D. (2005)
Identification and characterization of an endogenous chemotactic ligand specific for FPRL2.
J Exp Med, 201: 83-93. [PMID:15623572]