INSL3 B chain dimer analogue 8   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 4372

Comment: A synthetic analogue consisiting of two subunit chains, on with the natural sequence of INSL3 (B chain), and the other a truncated version of the natural sequence of the B chain. The sequence of the shorter chain can be found under the 'structure' tab.
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1. Shabanpoor F, Zhang S, Hughes RA, Hossain MA, Layfield S, Ferraro T, Bathgate RA, Separovic F, Wade JD. (2011)
Design and development of analogues of dimers of insulin-like peptide 3 B-chain as high-affinity antagonists of the RXFP2 receptor.
Biopolymers, 96 (1): 81-7. [PMID:20560146]