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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 4857

Comment: Homodimeric endogenous peptide ligand consisting of two subunits chains of inhibin βA. Interacts with activin type I and II receptors.
Species: Human
1. Sun J, Tam L-TT, Han H-Q, Kwak KS-N, Zhou X, Lu J. (2013)
Variant activin receptor polypeptides and uses thereof.
Patent number: US8501678 B2. Assignee: Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.. Priority date: 06/03/2007. Publication date: 06/08/2013.
2. Suragani RN, Cadena SM, Cawley SM, Sako D, Mitchell D, Li R, Davies MV, Alexander MJ, Devine M, Loveday KS et al.. (2014)
Transforming growth factor-β superfamily ligand trap ACE-536 corrects anemia by promoting late-stage erythropoiesis.
Nat Med, 20 (4): 408-14. [PMID:24658078]