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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 4955

Synonyms: IFN-α1 | IFN-α13 | IFN-alpha 1/13 | interferon alpha-1/13 | interferon alpha-D
Immunopharmacology Ligand
Comment: Interferon-αs are type I IFNs (includes IFNαs, IFN-β, IFN-ε, IFN-κ and IFN-ω). In humans, there are 13 different IFN-α genes , but only 12 functional human IFN-α proteins, since IFN-α1 and IFN-α13 have identical protein sequences despite being encoded by separate genes.
Species: Human
1. Maurer B, Bosanac I, Shia S, Kwong M, Corpuz R, Vandlen R, Schmidt K, Eigenbrot C. (2015)
Structural basis of the broadly neutralizing anti-interferon-α antibody rontalizumab.
Protein Sci., 24 (9): 1440-50. [PMID:26099203]
2. Witte A, Williams D, Cardarelli JM, King D, Passmore D. (2010)
Anti-interferon Alpha Antibodies.
Patent number: US7741449. Assignee: Medarex, Inc.. Priority date: 10/12/2003. Publication date: 22/06/2010.