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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 5307

Synonyms: ABS 212 | ABS212
Comment: Synthetic analogue of NT(8-13)
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1. Hughes FM, Shaner BE, May LA, Zotian L, Brower JO, Woods RJ, Cash M, Morrow D, Massa F, Mazella J et al.. (2010)
Identification and functional characterization of a stable, centrally active derivative of the neurotensin (8-13) fragment as a potential first-in-class analgesic.
J Med Chem, 53 (12): 4623-32. [PMID:20481538]
2. Li H, Hua T, Wang W, Wu X, Miao C, Huang W, Xiao Y, Yang J, Bradley JL, Peberdy MA et al.. (2019)
The Effects of Pharmacological Hypothermia Induced by Neurotensin Receptor Agonist ABS 201 on Outcomes of CPR.
Shock, 51 (5): 667-673. [PMID:30986796]