d(CH2)5[Tyr(Me)2,Thr4,Phe(3I,4N3)-NH29]OVT   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 2219

Synonyms: d(CH2)5[Tyr(Me)2,Thr4,Orn8,Phe(3I,4N3)-NH29]vasotocin | I-ZOTA
Comment: Synthetic analogue of vasotocin
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Chemical Modification
N-terminal cysteine of the natural sequence is replaced by Pmp (p-methoxyphenol group); tyrosine residue 2 is methylated; N-terminal phenylalanine residue is modified with iodine on carbon 3 and 3 nitrogens on carbon 4, and amidated