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Target id: 1321

Nomenclature: CYP2A6

Family: CYP2 family: drug metabolising subset

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Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human - 494 19q13.2 CYP2A6 cytochrome P450 family 2 subfamily A member 6
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Coumarin 7-hydroxylase | cytochrome P450, subfamily IIA (phenobarbital-inducible), polypeptide 6 | 1,4-cineole 2-exo-monooxygenase | CYP2A3 | Cytochrome P450 IIA3 | cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily A, polypeptide 6
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Substrate Sp. Property Value Units Standard property Standard value Assay description Assay conditions Comments Reference
nicotine N/A - -
tegafur Hs - -

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Ligand Sp. Action Value Parameter Reference
compound 38a [PMID: 15634016] Small molecule or natural product Hs Inhibition 7.7 pKi 2
pKi 7.7 (Ki 2x10-8 M) [2]
compound 39a [PMID: 15634016] Small molecule or natural product Ligand has a PDB structure Hs Inhibition 7.4 pKi 2
pKi 7.4 (Ki 4x10-8 M) [2]
compound 23 [PMID: 17125252] Small molecule or natural product Click here for species-specific activity table Hs Inhibition 6.2 pKi 7
pKi 6.2 (Ki 6x10-7 M) [7]
esculetin Small molecule or natural product Ligand has a PDB structure Hs Inhibition 6.4 pIC50 5
pIC50 6.4 (IC50 3.9x10-7 M) [5]
Inhibitor Comments
Additional CYP2A6 inhibitors are reported in [6].
General Comments
CYP2A6 is the major nicotine metabolising enzyme and is believed to be involved in the generation of mutagenic tobacco-related nitrosamines [1,3-4]. CYP2A6 inhibiting compounds are of interest to the pharmaceutical industry as these may be useful additional drugs for smoking cessation therapy [6].


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1. Benowitz NL. (1988) Drug therapy. Pharmacologic aspects of cigarette smoking and nicotine addition. N Engl J Med, 319 (20): 1318-30. [PMID:3054551]

2. Denton TT, Zhang X, Cashman JR. (2005) 5-substituted, 6-substituted, and unsubstituted 3-heteroaromatic pyridine analogues of nicotine as selective inhibitors of cytochrome P-450 2A6. J Med Chem, 48 (1): 224-39. [PMID:15634016]

3. Hecht SS, Hoffmann D. (1988) Tobacco-specific nitrosamines, an important group of carcinogens in tobacco and tobacco smoke. Carcinogenesis, 9 (6): 875-84. [PMID:3286030]

4. Nakajima M, Kuroiwa Y, Yokoi T. (2002) Interindividual differences in nicotine metabolism and genetic polymorphisms of human CYP2A6. Drug Metab Rev, 34 (4): 865-77. [PMID:12487152]

5. Qi X, Dou T, Wang Z, Wu J, Yang L, Zeng S, Deng M, Lü M, Liang S. (2019) Inhibition of human cytochrome P450 2A6 by 7-hydroxycoumarin analogues: Analysis of the structure-activity relationship and isoform selectivity. Eur J Pharm Sci, 136: 104944. [PMID:31163215]

6. Tani N, Juvonen RO, Raunio H, Fashe M, Leppänen J, Zhao B, Tyndale RF, Rahnasto-Rilla M. (2014) Rational design of novel CYP2A6 inhibitors. Bioorg Med Chem, 22 (23): 6655-64. [PMID:25458499]

7. Yano JK, Denton TT, Cerny MA, Zhang X, Johnson EF, Cashman JR. (2006) Synthetic inhibitors of cytochrome P-450 2A6: inhibitory activity, difference spectra, mechanism of inhibition, and protein cocrystallization. J Med Chem, 49 (24): 6987-7001. [PMID:17125252]


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