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regulator of G-protein signaling 12

Target not currently curated in GtoImmuPdb

Target id: 2819

Nomenclature: regulator of G-protein signaling 12

Abbreviated Name: RGS12

Family: R12 family

Annotation status:  image of a grey circle Awaiting annotation/under development. Please contact us if you can help with annotation.  » Email us

Gene and Protein Information
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human - 799 4p16.3 RGS12 regulator of G protein signaling 12
Mouse - 1381 5 B2 Rgs12 regulator of G-protein signaling 12
Rat - 1387 14q21 Rgs12 regulator of G-protein signaling 12
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ChEMBL Target
Ensembl Gene
Entrez Gene
Human Protein Atlas
RefSeq Nucleotide
RefSeq Protein
Associated Proteins
G Proteins
Name References
Gαi/0 16
Interacting Proteins
Name Effect References
TrkA, H-Ras-GTP, B-Raf, MEK2 Prolongs ERK signaling 17
Cav2.2 Voltage-independent inhibition 14
CXCR2 16
platelet derived growth factor receptor beta Inhibition of downstream signaling 13
Associated Protein Comments
RGS12 has two distinct G protein binding sites, the RGS domain and the GPR motif (also known as GoLoco). The RGS domain can bind and serve as a GTPase activating protein (GAP) for activated (GTP bound) members of the Gαi/o subfamily of G proteins including Gai1, Gai2, Gai3 and Gao. The GPR motif selectively binds inactive (GDP bound) Gai1 and Gai3.
Tissue Distribution
Species:  Human
Technique:  Western blot
References:  20
Species:  Human
Technique:  RT-PCR
References:  9
Spleen, testis, ovary, cerebellum, caudate nucleus, kidney, thymus, prostate
Species:  Human
Technique:  Northern blot
References:  16
Species:  Rat
Technique:  RT-PCR
References:  3
Brain and lung (high); testis, heart, and spleen (low)
Species:  Rat
Technique:  Northern blot
References:  15
Cortex, hippocampus, striatum, thalamus, substantia nigra
Species:  Rat
Technique:  Immunohistochemistry
References:  7
Functional Assays
Negative regulation of MAPK
Species:  Rat
Tissue:  HEK293 cells
Response measured:  Reduced PDGF-stimulated phosphoERK
References:  13
Recruitment to Gi2
Species:  Rabbit
Tissue:  Smooth muscle cells
Response measured:  Gi2 tyrosine phosphorylation by Gbetagamma-PI3K-Src recruits RGS12 to Gi2, enhancing GTPase activity
References:  5
Positive regulation of Gi/o GTPase activity
Species:  Rat
Tissue:  Purified protein
Response measured:  Increase in GTPase activation
References:  16
Inhibits Gi-GDP dissociation (GDI)
Species:  Rat
Tissue:  Purified protein
Response measured:  Stabilization of GDP-bound Gi proteins
References:  6
Scaffold for TrkA/Ras/Raf/MEK
Species:  Rat
Tissue:  PC12 cells
Response measured:  Prolongs ERK activation and mediates NGF-stimulated neurite outgrowth
References:  17
Negative regulation on GABAB-CaV2.2 coupling
Species:  Human
Tissue:  Dorsal root ganglia
Response measured:  GABAB inhibits CaV2.2, and RGS12 accelerates rate of reversal
References:  11-12,14
Physiological Functions
Mediates osteoclastogenesis
Species:  Mouse
Tissue:  Osteoclasts
References:  22
Regulates GABAB-CaV2.2 coupling
Species:  Human
Tissue:  Dorsal root gangiia
References:  11-12,14
Physiological Consequences of Altering Gene Expression
Knockdown of Rgs12 inhibits NGF-induced axonal growth in primary dorsal root ganglia neurons.
Species:  Mouse
Tissue:  PC12 and primary dorsal root ganglia neurons
Technique:  RNA intererence (RNAi)
References:  17
Knockdown of Rgs12 inhibits phosphorylation of PLC, Ca2+ oscillations, NFAT2 expression, osteoclast differentiation
Species:  Human
Tissue:  Osteoclasts
Technique:  RNA intererence (RNAi)
References:  20
RGS12 knockout mice have increased bone mass: reduced osteoclasts, growth retardation and increased bone mass
Species:  Mouse
Tissue:  Monocytes/macrophages
Technique:  Gene knockout
References:  21
Clinically-Relevant Mutations and Pathophysiology
Disease:  Colorectal cancer
Disease Ontology: DOID:9256
OMIM: 114500
References:  10,18
Disease:  Lung cancer
Disease Ontology: DOID:1324
OMIM: 211980
References:  2
Biologically Significant Variants
Type:  Frameshift mutation
Species:  Human
Description:  Coding mononucleotide repeat (C8): Colorectal cancer
References:  10
Type:  Missense mutation
Species:  Human
Description:  Heterozygous missense variants linked with familial goiter
Amino acid change:  V56M
References:  19
Type:  Missense mutation
Species:  Human
Description:  A missense mutation G161T changes R702L: Sporadic schizophrenia
Amino acid change:  R702L
References:  4
Type:  Single nucleotide polymorphism
Species:  Human
Description:  A/G SNP associated with enhaced survival in non-small cell lung cancer
References:  2
Type:  Splice variant
Species:  Human
Description:  Lacks the PDZ domain and localizes to the nucleus in COS-7 cells.
Amino acids:  799
Nucleotide accession: 
Protein accession: 
References:  1,16
Type:  Splice variant
Species:  Human
Description:  Nuclear localization is controlled by the cell cycle. Induces formation of abnormally shaped and multiple nuclei in COS-7 cells when overexpressed.
Amino acids:  1447
Nucleotide accession: 
Protein accession: 
References:  1
Type:  Splice variant
Species:  Mouse
Description:  Lacks the PDZ domain and is differentially expressed compared to the PDZ-containing isoform.
Amino acids:  723
Nucleotide accession: 
Protein accession: 
References:  8


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