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polyketide synthase Pks13

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Target id: 2950

Nomenclature: polyketide synthase Pks13

Family: Bacterial protein targets

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Ligand Sp. Action Value Parameter Reference
TAM16 Small molecule or natural product Primary target of this compound Ligand has a PDB structure M. tuberculosis Inhibition 6.7 pIC50 1
pIC50 6.7 (IC50 1.9x10-7 M) [1]
General Comments
FAAL32-Pks13 polyketide synthase catalyzes the condensation reaction, which produces α-alkyl β-ketoacids, direct precursors of mycolic acids. This function is carried out by its thioesterase-like domain as a unique mechanism to transfer polyketide synthase products in mycobacteria, hence the focus on this as a drug target [2].


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1. Aggarwal A, Parai MK, Shetty N, Wallis D, Woolhiser L, Hastings C, Dutta NK, Galaviz S, Dhakal RC, Shrestha R et al.. (2017) Development of a Novel Lead that Targets M. tuberculosis Polyketide Synthase 13. Cell, 170 (2): 249-259.e25. [PMID:28669536]

2. Gavalda S, Bardou F, Laval F, Bon C, Malaga W, Chalut C, Guilhot C, Mourey L, Daffé M, Quémard A. (2014) The polyketide synthase Pks13 catalyzes a novel mechanism of lipid transfer in mycobacteria. Chem Biol, 21 (12): 1660-9. [PMID:25467124]

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