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dual oxidase 1

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Immunopharmacology Ligand target has curated data in GtoImmuPdb

Target id: 3000

Nomenclature: dual oxidase 1

Abbreviated Name: DUOX1

Family: NADPH oxidases

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Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human 7 1551 15q21.1 DUOX1 dual oxidase 1 1
Mouse - 1551 Chromosome 2, 60.63 cM Duox1 dual oxidase 1
Rat 7 1551 3q35 Duox1 dual oxidase 1
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flavoprotein NADPH oxidase | LNOX1 | NADPH thyroid oxidase 1 | NOXEF1 | THOX1
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RefSeq Protein
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EC Number:
Description Reaction Reference
Generation of hydrogen peroxide NAD(P)H + O2 <=> NAD(P)+ + H2O2
Immunopharmacology Comments
DUOX1 participates in innate immune responses to epithelial injury and allergens, and in the development of allergic diseases [7]. It is reported to play a role in mucous cell metaplasia and airway remodeling during allergic asthma [3].
Cell Type Associations
Immuno Cell Type:  T cells
Comment:  DUOX1 expression has been identified in T cells.
References:  5
Immuno Cell Type:  Innate lymphoid cells
Cell Ontology Term:   innate lymphoid cell (CL:0001065)
Comment:  DUOX1 expression has been reported in ILCs.
References:  3
Immuno Cell Type:  Macrophages & monocytes
Cell Ontology Term:   alveolar macrophage (CL:0000583)
Comment:  DUOX1 expression has been identified in alveolar macrophages.
References:  6
Immuno Process Associations
Immuno Process:  Cytokine production & signalling
Tissue Distribution Click here for help
DUOX1 expression has been identified in epidermal keratinocytes and urothelial cells.
Species:  Human
References:  2,4


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1. De Deken X, Wang D, Many MC, Costagliola S, Libert F, Vassart G, Dumont JE, Miot F. (2000) Cloning of two human thyroid cDNAs encoding new members of the NADPH oxidase family. J Biol Chem, 275 (30): 23227-33. [PMID:10806195]

2. Donkó A, Ruisanchez E, Orient A, Enyedi B, Kapui R, Péterfi Z, de Deken X, Benyó Z, Geiszt M. (2010) Urothelial cells produce hydrogen peroxide through the activation of Duox1. Free Radic Biol Med, 49 (12): 2040-8. [PMID:21146788]

3. Habibovic A, Hristova M, Heppner DE, Danyal K, Ather JL, Janssen-Heininger YM, Irvin CG, Poynter ME, Lundblad LK, Dixon AE et al.. (2016) DUOX1 mediates persistent epithelial EGFR activation, mucous cell metaplasia, and airway remodeling during allergic asthma. JCI Insight, 1 (18): e88811. [PMID:27812543]

4. Hirakawa S, Saito R, Ohara H, Okuyama R, Aiba S. (2011) Dual oxidase 1 induced by Th2 cytokines promotes STAT6 phosphorylation via oxidative inactivation of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B in human epidermal keratinocytes. J Immunol, 186 (8): 4762-70. [PMID:21411736]

5. Kwon J, Shatynski KE, Chen H, Morand S, de Deken X, Miot F, Leto TL, Williams MS. (2010) The nonphagocytic NADPH oxidase Duox1 mediates a positive feedback loop during T cell receptor signaling. Sci Signal, 3 (133): ra59. [PMID:20682913]

6. Rada B, Park JJ, Sil P, Geiszt M, Leto TL. (2014) NLRP3 inflammasome activation and interleukin-1β release in macrophages require calcium but are independent of calcium-activated NADPH oxidases. Inflamm Res, 63 (10): 821-30. [PMID:25048991]

7. van der Vliet A, Danyal K, Heppner DE. (2018) Dual oxidase: a novel therapeutic target in allergic disease. Br J Pharmacol, 175 (9): 1401-1418. [PMID:29405261]

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