IUPHAR/Servier Fibrosis Symposium - 20th November 2020

NC-IUPHAR has organised high-level scientific meetings for receptor classifications over three decades, and these meetings have validated the molecular basis for modern pharmacology. The meetings are traditionally held over a weekend in Paris, and have been made possible by educational grants from Servier. We therefore wished to develop these meetings, expanding the scientific part to have a one day symposium to progress certain fields thought to be crucial for pharmacology.
On 20th November 2020, the IUPHAR/Servier Fibrosis Symposia was held, and below you can access and view some of the presentations. We'd like to thank Servier for their support and all the speakers for contributing to an excellent meeting.

Read the IUPHAR Fibrosis Symposia Report in the latest issue of Pharmacology International (No. 96 Dec 2020).

Keynote Lecture - Dedicated to Paul Vanhoutte

Prof. Amrita Ahluwalia (William Harvey Research Institute, Barts & The London Medical School, Queen Mary University of London) delivered the keynote lecture, dedicated to Paul Vanhoutte.

The non-canonical pathway for NO: NO3- -NO2- -NO

Paul M. Vanhoutte, scientist and mentor, 1940‐2019

Fibrosis Symposium Presentations

Rebecca Ritchie (Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences)Current challenges in the treatment of heart failure (PDF)
Michael Spedding (Spedding Research Solutions SAS)Glycosphingolipids, ceramides and fibrosis in lung, muscle, liver and kidney – therapeutic opportunities and links with neurodegeneration (PDF)
Bruno Crestani (Bichat Hospital, Inserm, U1152)Pulmonary Fibrosis - Overview, challenges targets models (Slides not available)
Derek Mann (Newcastle University)Mechanisms and therapeutic developments in liver fibrosis (PDF)
Jill Norman (University College London)Renal Fibrosis: Molecular mechanisms and novel therapeutic strategies (PDF)
Rick Neubig (Michigan State University)Overview of drug targets of fibrosis (PDF)

New Strategies for Therapies of the Future

David Hall (GlaxoSmithKline)

Applications of operational models in drug discovery

Anthony Davenport (Experimental Medicine and Immunotherapeutics, University of Cambridge)Mining the 100,000 Genome Bridge Project and validating new receptor targets in cardiovascular disease (Slides not available)
Francesca Levi-Schaffer (Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Unit, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Chronic Allergic Inflammatory Diseases: New Strategies for Still Unmet Clinical Needs

Thierry Wurch (Ipsen)Bispecific antibody design and development in Immuno-Oncology: redirecting immune effector cells towards tumors (PDF)
Doriano Fabbro (Cellestia Biotech)New cancer therapies on the horizon (PDF)