Ligand id: 10090

Name: cemiplimab

Compound class Antibody
Ligand families/groups Immune checkpoint modulators
Approved drug? Yes (FDA (2018), EMA (2019))
International Nonproprietary Names
INN number INN
10691 cemiplimab
cemiplimab-rwlc | Libtayo® | REGN-2810 | REGN2810 | SAR-439684 | SAR439684
Cemiplimab (REGN2810) is a fully human anti-PD-1 immuno-oncology biological therapeutic that was developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals [1-2]. Preclinical in vitro and in vivo characterisation of the antibody was reported by Burova et al. in 2017 [1]. Clinical trial results published in 2018 [3] showed that ~50% of patients with advanced cutaneous squamous-cell carcinoma responded to treatment, with durable responses in 82% of responders with metastatic disease.
Full peptide sequence and disulphide bond information is available from the IMGT/mAb-DB entry for this antibody.
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IMGT/mAb-DB 846
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GtoPdb PubChem SID 381118800
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