Ligand id: 989

Name: endothelin-1

Abbreviated name: ET-1

Species: Human, Mouse, Rat

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Structure and Physico-chemical Properties

2D Structure
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Compound class Endogenous peptide in human, mouse or rat
Ligand families/groups Neuropeptides
L-cysteinyl-L-seryl-L-cysteinyl-L-seryl-L-seryl-L-leucyl-L-methionyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-lysyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-cysteinyl-L-valyl-L-tyrosyl-L-phenylalanyl-L-cysteinyl-L-histidyl-L-leucyl-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-isoleucyl-L-isoleucyl-L-tryptophan (1->15),(3->11)-bis(disulfide)
Endothelin-1 is a 21-amino acid peptide produced in a variety of tissues including endothelial and vascular smooth-muscle cells, neurons and astrocytes in the central nervous system, and endometrial cells. It acts as a modulator of vasomotor tone, cell proliferation, and hormone production (for reviews see [1] and [2] ). As peptides defined by SMILES strings PubChem contains a number of alternative CIDs either with the name "Endothelin-1" and/or Mw 2491.914. Our choice of PubChem CID 16212950 reflects the majority of sources submitting substance structures and assay data.
Gene symbol Gene name Species Precursor protein name Synonyms
EDN1 endothelin 1 Human prepro-endothelin 1 ET1
Edn1 endothelin 1 Mouse prepro-endothelin 1 ET-1
Edn1 endothelin 1 Rat prepro-endothelin 1 endothelin-1, Et1, ET-1, PPET1, preproendothelin-1
Database Links
BindingDB Ligand 50279793
CAS Registry No. 123626-67-5 (source: PubChem)
ChEMBL Ligand CHEMBL3775234
GtoPdb PubChem SID 135651742
PubChem CID 16212950
Search Google for chemical match using the InChIKey ZUBDGKVDJUIMQQ-ZTNLKOGPSA-N
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Search UniChem for chemicals with the same backbone ZUBDGKVDJUIMQQ
UniProtKB P22388 (Rn), P22387 (Mm), P05305 (Hs)

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