Ligand id: 7989

Name: sirukumab

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Summary of Clinical Use
Phase 3 clinical trials assessing sirukumab for RA have been completed or are still ongoing (Oct 2017). Click here to link to's listing of Phase 3 sirukumab trials. Other trials are collecting data in additional inflammatory conditions including lupus nephritis [6], cutaneous lupus erythematosus, systemic lupus erythematosus and giant cell arteritis.
Research is beginning to indicate that the disease pathophysiology of depression may have an immune component [2-4], and reviewed in [9]. In particular, IL-6 has been identified as a susceptibility gene for major depressive disorder (MDD), with the promoter polymorphism rs1800797 showing a marginally significant correlation with cortical IL-6 expression [10]. This and other work (including [4]) has led to clinical trial of sirukumab as an adjunct to conventional antidepressant therapy in patients with MDD (see Phase 3 trial NCT02473289).
Mechanism Of Action and Pharmacodynamic Effects
IL-6 plays a role in the pathology of RA [5]. Sirukumab effectively acts to neutralise circulating IL-6, thereby inhibiting IL-6-induced activation of signalling pathways. By this mechanism sirukumab is expected to reduce the symoptoms of active RA. First-in-human PK, PD and safety of sirukumab was reported in 2011 [8].