Ligand id: 9107

Name: cabiralizumab

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Summary of Clinical Use
Cabiralizumab (research code FPA008) is in early stage clinical trials for solid tumours and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Click here to link to all FPA008 trials registered with Immuno-oncology trials are evaluating cabiralizumab monotherapy and combination with the immune checkpoint inhibitor nivolumab, anti-PD-1 mAb., in selected advanced solid tumours (Phase 1).
Mechanism Of Action and Pharmacodynamic Effects
Anti-CSF1R antibodies prevent binding of the receptor's endogenous ligand CSF1 (or M-CSF). This action reduces monocyte infiltration into tumours and inhibits the acumulation of tumour-associated macrophages (TAMs). In RA anti-CSF1R antibodies are expected to reduce pro-inflammatory macrophage activity (and possibly osteoclast activity), to improve disease symptoms.