GtoPdb Ligand ID: 4982

Synonyms: CTLA-8 | interleukin-17 alpha
Comment: Forms homodimeric ligand IL-17A, or heterodimeric IL-17A/IL-17F.
Species: Human
Immunopharmacology Comments
IL-17A and IL-17F are important cytokines in the host response against many extracellular pathogens, but are also recognised to cause excessive tissue damage and exacerbate proinflammatory responses during autoimmunity. A molecular mechanism underlying IL-17's role in the disease process of RA is proposed by Ganesan and Rasool (2017) [8]. The IL-17 pathway is therefore a major therapeutic target in autoimmune diseases.
A study that investigated the potential of using mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) as prophylactic and therapeutic agents against the acute rejection of lung grafts (in rats) identified MSC-induced down-regulation of IL-17A by allografts as a major contributor to reduced markers of inflammation and graft rejection [10]. In addition, MSC treatment promoted expression of PD-L1 on the grafts, which implicates a PD-1/PD-L1 driven inhibition of immune responses in the protective effects of MSC therapy.
Immunopharmacology Disease
Disease X-Refs Comment References
Psoriatic arthritis Disease Ontology: DOID:9008
Approved therapy for PsA.
Multiple sclerosis Disease Ontology: DOID:2377
OMIM: 126200
Orphanet: ORPHA802
Approved therapy for MS.
Psoriasis Disease Ontology: DOID:8893
Approved therapy for psoriasis.
Rheumatoid arthritis Disease Ontology: DOID:7148
OMIM: 180300
Approved therapy for RA.
Ankylosing spondylitis Disease Ontology: DOID:7147
Approved therapy for systemic ankylosing spondylitis.