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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 4986

Synonyms: cytokine Zcyto10 | interleukin-20
Immunopharmacology Ligand
Comment: IL-20 is an IL-10 related type II cytokine. The IL-20 pathway is a pharmacological target with potential therapeutic benefit for patients wth rheumatoid arthritis [1].
Species: Human
Immunopharmacology Comments
IL-20 is produced by monocytes and keratinocytes [3]. It stimulates the JAK/STAT signalling pathway via interaction with the IL-20 or IL-22 receptors. It is involved in inflammation, hematopoiesis and skin development.
An anti-IL-20 monoclonal antibody called fletikumab (NNC0109-0012 or NN-8226) reached Phase 2 clinical trial as a potential anti-rheumatoid arthritis therapy, especially those patients who have an inadequate response to DMARD therapy (methotrexate) or anti-TNFα biologics like adalimumab, but all trials were terminated despite favourable results having been published [2,5]. Fletikumab is claimed in Novo Nordisk patent US8287861B2 [4]. In vitro fletikumab inhibits activation of IL20R1/IL20R2 and IL22R1/IL20R2 receptor complexes and inhibits IL-20-induced proliferation of human IL-20R-expressing BaF-3 B cells [4]. The rationale for inhibiting the IL-20 pathway in rheumatoid arthritis is reviewed by Hsu and Chang (2017) [1].