Ligand id: 9807

Name: TNT009

Immunopharmacology Comments
TNT009 is designed to selectively inhibit disease processes in the classical complement pathway whilst sparing the alternative and lectin complement pathways, which are required to maintain immune surveillance and other functions.
Immunopharmacology Disease
Disease X-Refs Comment References
Cold agglutinin disease Orphanet: ORPHA56425
TNT009 is a first-in-class C1-complex-targeting mAb, that is hoped to provide an effective treatment for CAD and other complement-mediated disorders. It is a Phase 3 clinical candidate for CAD (see NCT03347396) and Phase 1 for other disorders (see NCT02502903 and NCT03275454). TNT009 is an FDA and EMA orphan drug for the treatment of hemolysis in patients with primary CAD.