Ligand id: 10222

Name: TAK-448

Structure and Physico-chemical Properties

2D Structure
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1. Moriya Y, Kogame A, Tagawa Y, Morohashi A, Kondo T, Asahi S. (2019)
Investigation of disposition for TAK-448, a synthetic peptide of kisspeptin analog, in rats and dogs using the radiolabeled TAK-448 suitable for pharmacokinetic study.
Xenobiotica, 49 (7): 833-839. [PMID:30044673]
2. Nishizawa N, Takatsu Y, Kumano S, Kiba A, Ban J, Tsutsumi S, Matsui H, Matsumoto SI, Yamaguchi M, Ikeda Y et al.. (2016)
Design and Synthesis of an Investigational Nonapeptide KISS1 Receptor (KISS1R) Agonist, Ac-d-Tyr-Hydroxyproline (Hyp)-Asn-Thr-Phe-azaGly-Leu-Arg(Me)-Trp-NH2 (TAK-448), with Highly Potent Testosterone-Suppressive Activity and Excellent Water Solubility.
J. Med. Chem., 59 (19): 8804-8811. [PMID:27589480]