cathepsin G   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 3570

Species: Human

This ligand is also described as a target entry: cathepsin G

1. Le Y, Murphy PM, Wang JM. (2002)
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Trends Immunol, 23 (11): 541-8. [PMID:12401407]
2. Sun R, Iribarren P, Zhang N, Zhou Y, Gong W, Cho EH, Lockett S, Chertov O, Bednar F, Rogers TJ, Oppenheim JJ, Wang JM. (2004)
Identification of neutrophil granule protein cathepsin G as a novel chemotactic agonist for the G protein-coupled formyl peptide receptor.
J Immunology, 173: 428-436. [PMID:15210802]