[125I]GDNF (rat)

Ligand id: 4851

Name: [125I]GDNF (rat)    

1. Klein RD, Sherman D, Ho WH, Stone D, Bennett GL, Moffat B, Vandlen R, Simmons L, Gu Q, Hongo JA et al.. (1997)
A GPI-linked protein that interacts with Ret to form a candidate neurturin receptor.
Nature, 387 (6634): 717-21. [PMID:9192898]
2. Treanor JJ, Goodman L, de Sauvage F, Stone DM, Poulsen KT, Beck CD, Gray C, Armanini MP, Pollock RA, Hefti F et al.. (1996)
Characterization of a multicomponent receptor for GDNF.
Nature, 382 (6586): 80-3. [PMID:8657309]