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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 5082

Synonyms: D5v8 | Herceptin® | R-597
Approved drug
trastuzumab is an approved drug (FDA (1998), EMA (2000))
Compound class: Antibody
Comment: Trastuzumab is a humanized IgG1κ monoclonal antibody targeting HER2.
Annotated peptide sequences for this antibody are available from its IMGT/mAb-DB record.

NameTrade nameCompanyClinical PhaseIndications
trastuzumab-dkst; MYL-1401OHertraz; Canmab; OgivriMylan and Biocon Approved in India, FDA 2017, EMA 2018 (Ogivri)Breast cancer
trastuzumab-pkrb; CT-P6Herzuma; CredimaCelltrionApproved in S Korea, EMA & FDA 2018Breast cancer
trastuzumab-dttb; SB3OntruzantSamsung BioepisApproved (EMA 2017, FDA 2019)All approved indications of the reference product
trastuzumab-beta; trastuzumab-anns; ABP-980 [3]KanjintiAmgen/AllerganApproved (EMA 2018, FDA 2019)All approved indications of the reference product
trastuzumab-qyyp; PF-05280014TrazimeraPfizerApproved (FDA 2019; see REFLECTIONS B327-02 trial NCT01989676)All approved indications of the reference product
HLX02ZercepacShanghai Henlius Biotech; Accord HealthcareApproved (EMA 2020)Approved to treat HER2 positive metastatic breast cancer
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3. Paplomata E, Nahta R. (2018)
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