[Ac-D-2Nal1,D4CPA2,D-3Pal3,6,Leu8, D-Ala10]GnRH-II   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 5583

Comment: Synthetic analogue of human GnRH
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1. Fister S, G√ľnthert AR, Aicher B, Paulini KW, Emons G, Gr√ľndker C. (2009)
GnRH-II antagonists induce apoptosis in human endometrial, ovarian, and breast cancer cells via activation of stress-induced MAPKs p38 and JNK and proapoptotic protein Bax.
Cancer Res, 69 (16): 6473-81. [PMID:19638591]