[Ac-D-2Nal1,D4CPA2,D-3Pal3,6,Leu8, D-Ala10]GnRH-II

Ligand id: 5583

Name: [Ac-D-2Nal1,D4CPA2,D-3Pal3,6,Leu8, D-Ala10]GnRH-II

Peptide Sequence
Chemical Modification
N-terminal pyroglutamate residue of the natural sequence is replaced with acetylated D-Napthylalanine; histidine residue 2 is replaced with chlorophenylalanine; tryptophan residue 3 and glycine residue 6 are replaced with pyridinyl-alanine, tyrosine residue 8 is replaced with leucine, and glycine residue 10 is replaced with alanine.