GtoPdb Ligand ID: 6479

Synonyms: C-X-C motif chemokine 17 | dendritic cell and monocyte chemokine-like protein
Comment: CXCL17 is a CXC family chemokine reported in human and rat, with a mucosal expression pattern.
Species: Human
1. Burkhardt AM, Maravillas-Montero JL, Carnevale CD, Vilches-Cisneros N, Flores JP, Hevezi PA, Zlotnik A. (2014)
CXCL17 is a major chemotactic factor for lung macrophages.
J. Immunol., 193 (3): 1468-74. [PMID:24973458]
2. Burkhardt AM, Tai KP, Flores-Guiterrez JP, Vilches-Cisneros N, Kamdar K, Barbosa-Quintana O, Valle-Rios R, Hevezi PA, Zuñiga J, Selman M et al.. (2012)
CXCL17 is a mucosal chemokine elevated in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis that exhibits broad antimicrobial activity.
J. Immunol., 188 (12): 6399-406. [PMID:22611239]
3. Lee WY, Wang CJ, Lin TY, Hsiao CL, Luo CW. (2013)
CXCL17, an orphan chemokine, acts as a novel angiogenic and anti-inflammatory factor.
Am. J. Physiol. Endocrinol. Metab., 304 (1): E32-40. [PMID:23115081]
4. Maravillas-Montero JL, Burkhardt AM, Hevezi PA, Carnevale CD, Smit MJ, Zlotnik A. (2015)
Cutting edge: GPR35/CXCR8 is the receptor of the mucosal chemokine CXCL17.
J. Immunol., 194 (1): 29-33. [PMID:25411203]