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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 775

Synonyms: eotaxin-2
Immunopharmacology Ligand
Comment: CCL24 is a CC family chemokine.
Species: Human
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1. FDA. 
Monoclonal antibody targeting CCL24.
Accessed on 13/11/2018. Modified on 13/11/2018.,
2. Mor A. (2015)
Anti eotaxin-2 antibodies that recognize additional ccr3-binding chemokines.
Patent number: WO2015132790A2. Assignee: Chemomab Ltd.. Priority date: 04/03/2014. Publication date: 11/09/2015.
3. Morokata T, Suzuki K, Masunaga Y, Taguchi K, Morihira K, Sato I, Fujii M, Takizawa S, Torii Y, Yamamoto N et al.. (2006)
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J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 317 (1): 244-50. [PMID:16339911]
4. Palikhe NS, Kim SH, Cho BY, Ye YM, Choi GS, Park HS. (2010)
Genetic variability in CRTH2 polymorphism increases eotaxin-2 levels in patients with aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease.
Allergy, 65 (3): 338-46. [PMID:19796209]
5. Parody TR, Stone MJ. (2004)
High level expression, activation, and antagonism of CC chemokine receptors CCR2 and CCR3 in Chinese hamster ovary cells.
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