A(C10/15S)INSL3   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 8331

Comment: Synthetic analogue of human INSL3, comprising an A and a B chain. The sequence of the B chain is the same as that of natural ligand and is shown on the ligand page for INSL3 (B chain), while the sequence of the A chain is shown on the 'structure' tab. The reference describing the synthesis of this peptide includes a figure respresenting the structure including disulphide bond formation between the chains.
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1. Zhang S, Hughes RA, Bathgate RA, Shabanpoor F, Hossain MA, Lin F, van Lierop B, Robinson AJ, Wade JD. (2010)
Role of the intra-A-chain disulfide bond of insulin-like peptide 3 in binding and activation of its receptor, RXFP2.
Peptides, 31 (9): 1730-6. [PMID:20570702]