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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 9209

Compound class: Antibody
Comment: IMAB362 is an investigational, first-in-class monoclonal antibody targeting the cell surface molecule claudin18.2 (CLDN18.2), a pan-cancer drug target [1]. Claudin-18 is a tight-junction protein. Splice variant 2 is reported to be a highly selective cell lineage marker of gastric mucosal cells. CLDN18.2 is retained on malignant transformation and is expressed in a significant proportion of primary gastric cancers and their metastases, and ectopic expression of CLDN18.2 is identified in distinct histologic subtypes of pancreatic (primary tumour and metastases) [2], esophageal, ovarian, and lung tumours [1]. The antibody binds to the first extracellular N-terminal domain which is unique to the CLDN18.2 splice variant [1-2].
1. Sahin U, Koslowski M, Dhaene K, Usener D, Brandenburg G, Seitz G, Huber C, Türeci O. (2008)
Claudin-18 splice variant 2 is a pan-cancer target suitable for therapeutic antibody development.
Clin Cancer Res, 14 (23): 7624-34. [PMID:19047087]
2. Wöll S, Schlitter AM, Dhaene K, Roller M, Esposito I, Sahin U, Türeci Ö. (2014)
Claudin 18.2 is a target for IMAB362 antibody in pancreatic neoplasms.
Int J Cancer, 134 (3): 731-9. [PMID:23900716]