[D-Phe6, Leu13, Cpa14,ψ13-14]bombesin-(6-14)   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 3840

Synonyms: [D-Phe6,Cpa14,ψ13-14]bombesin6-14 | [D-Phe6,Leu13,Cpa14,ψ13-14]bombesin-(6-14) | analogue #7 [PMID: 19463875]
Comment: Synthetic analogue of bombesin [1].
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Chemical Modification
Asparagine residue 6 of the natural sequence is replaced by D-Phe; methioine residue at position 14 is replaced by chlorophenyalanine (Cpa). Residues 13 and 14 are ψ-linked