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ribonucleotide reductase regulatory subunit M2

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Target id: 2631

Nomenclature: ribonucleotide reductase regulatory subunit M2

Abbreviated Name: ribonucleotide reductase M2

Family: Nucleoside synthesis and metabolism, Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductases

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Gene and Protein Information
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human - 449 2p25-p24 RRM2 ribonucleotide reductase regulatory subunit M2
Mouse - 390 12 A1.3 Rrm2 ribonucleotide reductase M2
Rat - 390 6q16 LOC100359539 ribonucleotide reductase M2 polypeptide
Previous and Unofficial Names
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase subunit | Rrm2 | ribonucleotide reductase M2
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Ligand Sp. Action Value Parameter Reference
clofarabine Hs Inhibition 8.3 pIC50 2
pIC50 8.3 (IC50 5x10-9 M) [2]
Description: Inhibition of growth of K562 cells
fludarabine Hs Inhibition 6.0 pIC50 4
pIC50 6.0 (IC50 1x10-6 M) [4]
Description: Inhibition of ADP reduction by ribonucleotide reductase from HeLa cells
hydroxyurea Hs Inhibition 3.8 pIC50 3
pIC50 3.8 (IC50 1.48x10-4 M) [3]
Description: Dissolved in 1% DMSO, in vitro assay using reconstituted RRM1/RRM2 holoenzyme
gemcitabine Hs Inhibition - - 1
Inhibitor Comments
Please see the Inhibitors table on the More detailed page for RRM1, for information on approved drugs which may act via this protein.


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1. Heinemann V, Xu YZ, Chubb S, Sen A, Hertel LW, Grindey GB, Plunkett W. (1990) Inhibition of ribonucleotide reduction in CCRF-CEM cells by 2',2'-difluorodeoxycytidine. Mol. Pharmacol., 38 (4): 567-72. [PMID:2233693]

2. Parker WB, Shaddix SC, Chang CH, White EL, Rose LM, Brockman RW, Shortnacy AT, Montgomery JA, Secrist 3rd JA, Bennett Jr LL. (1991) Effects of 2-chloro-9-(2-deoxy-2-fluoro-beta-D-arabinofuranosyl)adenine on K562 cellular metabolism and the inhibition of human ribonucleotide reductase and DNA polymerases by its 5'-triphosphate. Cancer Res., 51 (9): 2386-94. [PMID:1707752]

3. Shao J, Zhou B, Zhu L, Bilio AJ, Su L, Yuan YC, Ren S, Lien EJ, Shih J, Yen Y. (2005) Determination of the potency and subunit-selectivity of ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors with a recombinant-holoenzyme-based in vitro assay. Biochem. Pharmacol., 69 (4): 627-34. [PMID:15670581]

4. Tseng WC, Derse D, Cheng YC, Brockman RW, Bennett Jr LL. (1982) In vitro biological activity of 9-beta-D-arabinofuranosyl-2-fluoroadenine and the biochemical actions of its triphosphate on DNA polymerases and ribonucleotide reductase from HeLa cells. Mol. Pharmacol., 21 (2): 474-7. [PMID:7048062]

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