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katanin catalytic subunit A1

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Target id: 2912

Nomenclature: katanin catalytic subunit A1

Family: AAA ATPases

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Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human - 491 6q25.1 KATNA1 katanin catalytic subunit A1
Mouse - 491 10 A1 Katna1 katanin p60 (ATPase-containing) subunit A1
Rat - 491 1p13 Katna1 katanin catalytic subunit A1
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katanin p60 (ATPase containing) subunit A 1 | microtubule-severing protein
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KEGG Enzyme
RefSeq Nucleotide
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EC Number: ATP + H(2)O <=> ADP + phosphate
Description Reaction Reference
ATP + H(2)O <=> ADP + phosphate
Immuno Process Associations
Immuno Process:  Cellular signalling
GO Annotations:  Associated to 1 GO processes, IEA only
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GO:0016567 protein ubiquitination IEA
General Comments
Katanin is a hydrolase enzyme composed of an ATP-dependent p60 catalytic subunit (KATNA1) and a p80 regulatory subunit (KATNB1) which targets the enzyme to the centrosome [1]. Katanin is required during meiosis and mitosis, being involved in dissasembling microtubules from their interphase structures and segregating chromatids towards the spindle pole during cell division [3].
Novel anti-cancer agents which induce microtubule fragmentation via interaction with katanin are being investigated [2]- see compound 5a [PMID: 27536893] for example.


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1. Hartman JJ, Mahr J, McNally K, Okawa K, Iwamatsu A, Thomas S, Cheesman S, Heuser J, Vale RD, McNally FJ. (1998) Katanin, a microtubule-severing protein, is a novel AAA ATPase that targets to the centrosome using a WD40-containing subunit. Cell, 93 (2): 277-87. [PMID:9568719]

2. Kuo TC, Li LW, Pan SH, Fang JM, Liu JH, Cheng TJ, Wang CJ, Hung PF, Chen HY, Hong TM et al.. (2016) Purine-Type Compounds Induce Microtubule Fragmentation and Lung Cancer Cell Death through Interaction with Katanin. J Med Chem, 59 (18): 8521-34. [PMID:27536893]

3. McNally FJ, Thomas S. (1998) Katanin is responsible for the M-phase microtubule-severing activity in Xenopus eggs. Mol Biol Cell, 9 (7): 1847-61. [PMID:9658175]

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