Kinases (EC 2.7.x.x)


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Protein kinases (E.C. 2.7.11.-) use the co-substrate ATP to phosphorylate serine and/or threonine residues on target proteins. Analysis of the human genome suggests the presence of 518 protein kinases in man, with over 100 protein kinase-like pseudogenes [2]. It is beyond the scope of the Guide to list all these protein kinase activities; this summary focuses on AGC protein kinases associated with GPCR signalling, which may be divided into 15 subfamilies in man.

Most inhibitors of these enzymes have been assessed in cell-free investigations and so may appear to ‘lose’ potency and selectivity in intact cell assays. In particular, ambient ATP concentrations may be influential in responses to inhibitors, since the majority are directed at the ATP binding site [1] .


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