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New database version 2019.5 - released 13th November 2019

Latest News and Hot Topics in Pharmacology


IUPHAR/MMV Guide to Malaria Pharmacology

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Launched in September 2019 to provide optimised access to GtoPdb data for the malaria research community

The Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY 2019/20

Concise Guide to Pharmacology 2019/20

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Please see the 5 minute introductory video on the Concise Guide:

Recent Publications

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Update of P2Y Receptor Pharmacology: IUPHAR Review 27

Jacobson KA, Delicado EG, Gachet C, et al. (2020) Br J Pharmacol. [online ahead of print]. doi: 10.1111/bph.15005.

IUPHAR review article on two-pore domain potassium channels

Gada K & Plant LD (2019) Br J Pharmacol. 176(2):256-266. doi: 10.1111/bph.14518.

Pharm Rev journal cover

IUPHAR review article on Structure and Pharmacology of the Apelin Receptor

Read C, Nyimanu D, Williams TL, Huggins DJ, Sulentic P, Macrae RGC, Yang P, Glen RC, Maguire JJ and Davenport AP (2019) Pharmacol Rev. 71: 764-502.

IUPHAR review article on GABAA Receptor Subtype- and Function-selective Ligands

Sieghart W & Savić MM. (2018) Pharmacol Rev. 70: 836-878.

Pharmacology Education

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The IUPHAR Pharmacology Education Project is being developed by IUPHAR with support from ASPET as a learning resource for pharmacology and clinical pharmacology.


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SynPharm is a database of ligand-responsive protein sequences, derived from interactions from the Guide to PHARMACOLOGY and using data from the Protein Data Bank.



The IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY is one of the ELIXIR-UK node services.

Pharmacology 2019

Pharmacology 2019 advert

The British Pharmacological Society's flagship annual meeting attracts over 1,200 scientists each year from across the world.
15-17 Dec 2019, Edinburgh, UK
Includes: Workshop: Guide to Immunopharmacology - How to Navigate and Use the Database
Sunday 15th Dec, 15:00-16:30

Celebrating >20 years of Servier support

Servier, a mid-size French Pharmaceutical company, has a long history in pharmacology, and has supported NC-IUPHAR for >20 years with unrestricted educational grants which have permitted the Paris meetings and thus progress of the database.