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The IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY complete ligand list

Ions and other inorganic compounds.
Ligand name ID Synonyms
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Ag+ 4126 silver
Audien 10189
Auphen 10188
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Ba2+ 2344 barium ion
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Ca2+ 707 calcium ion
carboplatin Approved drug 7624 JM-8, Paraplatin®
Cd2+ 2440 cadmium ion
cisplatin Approved drug 5343 Platinol®
Cl- 2339 chloride
ClO4- 4524 perchlorate, perchloric acid
CO 9531 carbon monoxide
Co2+ 4160 cobalt ion
Cs+ 2356 cesium cation, cesium ion
Cu2+ 4164 copper ion
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decavanadate 2459 decavanidate
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Gd3+ 2426 gadolinium ion
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H+ 2346 hydrogen ion
HCl 2479 hydrogen chloride
Hg2+ 4215 mercury
H2O2 2448 hydrogen peroxide
H2S Immunopharmacology Ligand 9532 hydrogen sulfide
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K+ 2381 potassium ion
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La3+ 2434 lanthanum ion
Li+ Approved drug 5212 lithium ion
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Mg2+ 708 magnesium ion
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Na+ 2340 sodium ion
NaHCO3 Approved drug 4507 sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate
NaHS 6278 sodium hydrogen sulfide, sodium hydrosulfide, sodium mercaptan, sodium sulfhydrate, sodium sulfide
NH4Cl 6289 ammonium chloride
Ni2+ 2476 nickel ion
NO Approved drug 2509 INOmax®, nitric oxide, nitrogen monoxide
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O3 6297 ozone, triatomic oxygen
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Pb2+ 2525 lead ion
pertechnetate 4515
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Rb+ 2389 rubidium ion
ruthenium red 2432 ammoniated ruthenium oxychloride
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SCN- 4529 thiocyanate, thiocyanic acid
SNP Approved drug 9533 Nitropress, sodium nitroprusside
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Zn2+ 566 zinc, zinc ion