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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 6028

Synonyms: 1-naphthyl PP1 | AC1NP9I6 | mutant kinases inhibitor II | NM-PP1
PDB Ligand
Compound class: Synthetic organic
Comment: This compound is a potent inhibitor of several mutant kinase enzymes [3]. Also inhibits Src family kinases and c-Abl.
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2D Structure
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Physico-chemical Properties
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Hydrogen bond acceptors 4
Hydrogen bond donors 1
Rotatable bonds 3
Topological polar surface area 69.62
Molecular weight 331.18
XLogP 4.58
No. Lipinski's rules broken 0
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Canonical SMILES Nc1ncnc2c1c(Cc1cccc3c1cccc3)nn2C(C)(C)C
Isomeric SMILES Nc1ncnc2c1c(Cc1cccc3c1cccc3)nn2C(C)(C)C
InChI InChI=1S/C20H21N5/c1-20(2,3)25-19-17(18(21)22-12-23-19)16(24-25)11-14-9-6-8-13-7-4-5-10-15(13)14/h4-10,12H,11H2,1-3H3,(H2,21,22,23)
Bioactivity Comments
This compound inhibits the following kinases (IC50 values provided in parentheses): c-FynT339G (3.2nM), v-SrcI338G (4.3nM), CDK2F80G (5nM) and CAMK2F98G (8nM) [3].