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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 8738

Synonyms: ATYR1940 | HRS(1-506) | Resolaris
Comment: aTyr 1940 is a recombinant 506 amino acid version of human histidyl-tRNA synthetase (cytoplasmic isoform 1) (HARS; P12081) [1]. HARS belongs to a novel group of naturally occurring proteins termed 'physiocrines' which are extracellular signaling regions of tRNA synthetases reported to modulate immune system pathways. Physiocrines are of interest to the pharmaceutical industry as molecular targets for immunomodulatory therapies (see patents WO2013123432 A2 and US20150093799 A1 for further details [1-2]). See also resokine, a shorter variant of aTyr 1940.
Bioactivity Comments
aTyr 1940 (HRS(l-506)) is able to immuno-delpete Jo-1 antibodies from human serum samples by 99% [2]. Anti-Jo-1 antibodies are a marker for the immune disorder polymyositis, especially in patients with interstitial lung disease [3]. These antibodies target histidyl-tRNA synthetase which catalyze the binding of the histidine to its cognate tRNA during protein synthesis[4].