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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 5026

Synonyms: beta-nerve growth factor | beta-NGF | Oxervate® | Sentinel®
Approved drug
NGF is an approved drug (EMA (2017), FDA (2018))
Comment: Recombinant NGF (cenegermin, also known as cenegermin-bkbj) is used clinically as a peripherally selective agonist of TrkA and LNGFR. Note that the recombinant peptide is two amino acids shorter than the endogenous peptide, with the carboxy-terminal RA (Arg-Ala) removed.
Species: Human
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Recombinant NGF (cenegermin) is EMA and FDA approved as a topically administered drug for the treament of neurotrophic keratitis.
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Cenegermin helps restore some of the normal ocular damage-repair and healing processes that are defective in patients with neurotrophic keratitis (NK). This is effective because NK patients often have abnormally low levels of growth factors that are supplied from the trigeminal nerve and which are essential for the growth and survival of the cells of the cornea.
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