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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 5026

Synonyms: beta-nerve growth factor | beta-NGF | Oxervate® | Sentinel®
Approved drug
NGF is an approved drug (EMA (2017), FDA (2018))
Comment: Recombinant NGF (cenegermin, also known as cenegermin-bkbj) is used clinically as a peripherally selective agonist of TrkA and LNGFR. Note that the recombinant peptide is two amino acids shorter than the endogenous peptide, with the carboxy-terminal RA (Arg-Ala) removed.
Species: Human
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Post-translational Modification
Disulphide bond formation between cysteine residues at positions 15 and 80, 58 and 108, and 68 and 110