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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 6969

Synonyms: Neulasta®
Approved drug
pegfilgrastim is an approved drug (FDA and EMA (2002))
Comment: This is a PEGylated version of recombinant human G-CSF. Pegylation increases circulating half-life. In addition to pegfilgrastim, lipegfilgrastim (Lonquex®) is a glyco-PEGylated long-acting G-CSF, that is an alternative to pegfilgrastim that is clinically approved [1].

NameTrade nameCompanyClinical phaseIndications
pegfilgrastim-jmbd; MYL-1401HFulphilaMylanApproved (2018 FDA & EMA)As per reference agent [2]
 PelgrazAccordApproved (2018 EMA)As per reference agent
 PelmegMundipharma (developed by Cinfa Biotech)Approved (2018 EMA)As per reference agent
 pegfilgrastim MundipharmaMundipharma Approved (2019 EMA)As per reference agent
pegfilgrastim-cbqv; CHS-1701UdenycaERA Consulting; Coherus BioSciencesApproved (2018 FDA & EMA)As per reference agent
USV pegfilgrastimGrasustekJuta PharmaApproved (2019 EMA)As per reference agent
pegfilgrastim-bmez; LA-EP2006ZiextenzoSandozApproved (2018 EMA, 2019 FDA)As per reference agent
pegfilgrastim-apgf; PF-06881894NyvepriaPfizerApproved (2020 FDA)Indicated for neutropenia in patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy
pegfilgrastim; MSB11455StimufendFresenius KabiApproved (2022 EMA)Indicated for neutropenia
pegfilgrastim-pbbkFylnetraAmneal PharmaceuticalsApproved (2022 FDA)Indicated for neutropenia
No information available.
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This drug is used to increase white cells counts in various situations: prior to a bone marrow transplant (e.g. before donating bone marrow), post-bone marrow transplant or during certain cancer treatments (to combat chemotherapy-induced neutropenia).
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This drug mimics the action of endogenous human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF), controlling the proliferation and maturation of neutrophils from progenitor cells and in addition stimulating the release of neutrophils from bone marrow storage pools.
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