Ligand id: 9293

Name: brazikumab

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Summary of Clinical Use
Phase 1 clinical trials evaluating brazikumab as a monotherapy in mild to severe Crohn's disease (NCT01258205) and moderate to severe psoriasis (NCT01094093) have been completed. Phase 2 trials in subjects with active, moderate to severe Crohn's disease are ongoing (see NCT02574637 and NCT01714726).
Mechanism Of Action and Pharmacodynamic Effects
IL-23 is a potent inducer of pro-inflammatory cytokines including IL-6, IL-17, TNFα, IL-22 and GM-CSF. IL-23 is the key driver in autoimmune/inflammatory disease [1-2]. As such anti-IL-23 antibodies (targeting the p19 subunit unique to IL-23; IL23A) are being developed to ameliorate the effects of IL-23 related diseases or disorders. Such agents would be expected to inhibit IL-23 signaling, IL-23 activation of Th17 cells, IL-23 activation of NK cells, or production of proinflammatory cytokines.