Ligand id: 5004

Name: infliximab

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Immunopharmacology Comments
Because infliximab was prepared from a murine hybridoma it suffers from the problem of allogenic antigenicity in humans, resulting in fhe generation of anti-infliximab antibodies which neutralizes its therapeutic efficacy. This problem has largely been overcome by the development of engineered antibodies such as 'chimeric', 'humanized' and 'fully human' antibody constructs which are minimally immunogenic.
Immunopharmacology Disease
Disease X-Refs Comment References
Rheumatoid arthritis Disease Ontology: DOID:7148
OMIM: 180300
Used in combination with methotrexate to reduce production of anti-infliximab antibodies. However, if infliximab is rendered ineffective, other anti-TNFα agents can be used as an alternative therapy.
Crohn's disease Disease Ontology: DOID:8778
OMIM: 266600
Orphanet: ORPHA206
Approved monoclonal antibody therapy for Crohn's disease.
Ulcerative colitis Disease Ontology: DOID:8577
OMIM: 266600
Orphanet: ORPHA771
Approved monoclonal antibody therapy for UC.
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