[Ala11,22,28]VIP   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 2278

Synonyms: [Ala11,22,28]vasoactive intestinal peptide
Compound class: Peptide
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1. Dickson L, Aramori I, McCulloch J, Sharkey J, Finlayson K. (2006)
A systematic comparison of intracellular cyclic AMP and calcium signalling highlights complexities in human VPAC/PAC receptor pharmacology.
Neuropharmacology, 51 (6): 1086-98. [PMID:16930633]
2. Nicole P, Lins L, Rouyer-Fessard C, Drouot C, Fulcrand P, Thomas A, Couvineau A, Martinez J, Brasseur R, Laburthe M. (2000)
Identification of key residues for interaction of vasoactive intestinal peptide with human VPAC1 and VPAC2 receptors and development of a highly selective VPAC1 receptor agonist. Alanine scanning and molecular modeling of the peptide.
J Biol Chem, 275 (31): 24003-12. [PMID:10801840]