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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 5611

Synonyms: SYN-115 | SYN115
PDB Ligand
Compound class: Synthetic organic
Comment: An investigational orally available and selective adenosine A2A receptor antagonist.
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2D Structure
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Physico-chemical Properties
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Hydrogen bond acceptors 7
Hydrogen bond donors 2
Rotatable bonds 5
Topological polar surface area 115.4
Molecular weight 406.17
XLogP 1.06
No. Lipinski's rules broken 0
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Canonical SMILES COc1ccc(c2c1nc(s2)NC(=O)N1CCC(CC1)(C)O)N1CCOCC1
Isomeric SMILES COc1ccc(c2c1nc(s2)NC(=O)N1CCC(CC1)(C)O)N1CCOCC1
InChI InChI=1S/C19H26N4O4S/c1-19(25)5-7-23(8-6-19)18(24)21-17-20-15-14(26-2)4-3-13(16(15)28-17)22-9-11-27-12-10-22/h3-4,25H,5-12H2,1-2H3,(H,20,21,24)
1. de Lera Ruiz M, Lim YH, Zheng J. (2014)
Adenosine A2A receptor as a drug discovery target.
J Med Chem, 57 (9): 3623-50. [PMID:24164628]
2. Hauser RA, Olanow CW, Kieburtz KD, Pourcher E, Docu-Axelerad A, Lew M, Kozyolkin O, Neale A, Resburg C, Meya U et al.. (2014)
Tozadenant (SYN115) in patients with Parkinson's disease who have motor fluctuations on levodopa: a phase 2b, double-blind, randomised trial.
Lancet Neurol, 13 (8): 767-76. [PMID:25008546]