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cyclin dependent kinase 7

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Target id: 1979

Nomenclature: cyclin dependent kinase 7

Abbreviated Name: CDK7

Family: CDK7 subfamily

Gene and Protein Information
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human - 346 5q12.1 CDK7 cyclin dependent kinase 7
Mouse - 346 13 D1 Cdk7 cyclin-dependent kinase 7
Rat - - 2 q12 Cdk7 cyclin-dependent kinase 7
Previous and Unofficial Names
CAK1 | CDKN7 | STK1 | 39 kDa protein kinase | CDK-activating kinase 1 | cell division protein kinase 7 | CRK4 | protein-tyrosine kinase MPK-7 | TFIIH basal transcription factor complex kinase subunit
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Selected 3D Structures
Image of receptor 3D structure from RCSB PDB
Description:  Crystal Structure of Human CDK7
PDB Id:  1UA2
Resolution:  3.02Å
Species:  Human
References:  17
Enzyme Reaction
EC Number:
EC Number:

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Ligand Sp. Action Value Parameter Reference
mevociclib Hs Inhibition >7.8 pKi 12
pKi >7.8 (Ki <1.74x10-8 M) [12]
THZ1 Hs Inhibition 8.5 pIC50 15
pIC50 8.5 (IC50 3.2x10-9 M) [15]
BS-181 Hs Inhibition 7.7 pIC50 1
pIC50 7.7 (IC50 2.1x10-8 M) [1]
Description: Evaluated using purified recombinant CDK7/CycH/MAT1 complex and measuring free ATP remaining in the reaction using a luciferase assay.
ICEC0942 Hs Inhibition 7.4 pIC50 19
pIC50 7.4 (IC50 4x10-8 M) [19]
Description: In a biochemical assay.
RGB-286638 Hs Inhibition 7.4 pIC50 6
pIC50 7.4 (IC50 4.4x10-8 M) [6]
Description: in association with cyclin H
Cdk/Crk inhibitor Hs Inhibition 7.2 pIC50 8
pIC50 7.2 (IC50 7.1x10-8 M) [8]
Description: CDK7/cyclin H
milciclib Hs Inhibition 6.6 – 6.8 pIC50 4,14
pIC50 6.8 (IC50 1.5x10-7 M) [4]
Description: CDK7/cyclin H complex
pIC50 6.6 (IC50 2.7x10-7 M) [14]
Description: In vitro inhibition of CDK7/cyclin H.
BS-194 Hs Inhibition 6.6 pIC50 10
pIC50 6.6 (IC50 2.5x10-7 M) [10]
CGP74514A Hs Inhibition 6.6 pIC50 14
pIC50 6.6 (IC50 2.79x10-7 M) [14]
Description: In vitro inhibition of human CDK7/cyclin H.
THAL-SNS-032 Hs Inhibition 6.4 pIC50 18
pIC50 6.4 (IC50 3.98x10-7 M) [18]
Description: Inhibition of CDK7/CycH/MNAT1.
SU9516 Hs Inhibition 6.0 pIC50 14
pIC50 6.0 (IC50 9.05x10-7 M) [14]
Description: In vitro inhibition of CDK7/cyclin H.
Cdk2 inhibitor IV Hs Inhibition 5.4 pIC50 20
pIC50 5.4 (IC50 3.9x10-6 M) [20]
Description: CDK7/cyclin H complex used in assay
trilaciclib Hs Inhibition 5.3 pIC50 3
pIC50 5.3 (IC50 4.64x10-6 M) [3]
Description: Inhibition of CDK7/cyclinM/Mat1
CDK12 inhibitor 2 Hs Inhibition <5.0 pIC50 13
pIC50 <5.0 (IC50 >1x10-5 M) [13]
DiscoveRx KINOMEscan® screen
A screen of 72 inhibitors against 456 human kinases. Quantitative data were derived using DiscoveRx KINOMEscan® platform.
Reference: 7,23

Key to terms and symbols Click column headers to sort
Target used in screen: CDK7
Ligand Sp. Type Action Value Parameter
R547 Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 9.2 pKd
AT-7519 Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 8.6 pKd
foretinib Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 8.4 pKd
AST-487 Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 8.3 pKd
alvocidib Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 7.6 pKd
BMS-387032 Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 7.5 pKd
staurosporine Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 7.3 pKd
A-674563 Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 7.2 pKd
lestaurtinib Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 7.1 pKd
fedratinib Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 6.9 pKd
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EMD Millipore KinaseProfilerTM screen/Reaction Biology Kinase HotspotSM screen
A screen profiling 158 kinase inhibitors (Calbiochem Protein Kinase Inhibitor Library I and II, catalogue numbers 539744 and 539745) for their inhibitory activity at 1µM and 10µM against 234 human recombinant kinases using the EMD Millipore KinaseProfilerTM service.

A screen profiling the inhibitory activity of 178 commercially available kinase inhibitors at 0.5µM against a panel of 300 recombinant protein kinases using the Reaction Biology Corporation Kinase HotspotSM platform.

Reference: 2,9

Key to terms and symbols Click column headers to sort
Target used in screen: CDK7-cyclin H-MAT1/CDK7-cyclin H
Ligand Sp. Type Action % Activity remaining at 0.5µM % Activity remaining at 1µM % Activity remaining at 10µM
Cdk1/2 inhibitor III Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 43.6 2.0 -2.0
staurosporine Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 43.8 4.0 0.5
aminopurvalanol A Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 54.7 43.0 6.0
CGP74514A Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 58.4 5.0 -1.0
purvalanol A Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 59.5 17.0 1.0
SU11274 Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 59.7 4.0 2.0
PKR inhibitor Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 60.3 15.0 3.0
Cdk/Crk inhibitor Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 60.3 15.0 1.0
SU11652 Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 72.8 15.0 2.0
GSK-3 inhibitor XIII Hs Inhibitor Inhibition 73.3 19.0 1.0
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Immunopharmacology Comments
Studies completed by Hong et al. (2018) indicate a role for CDK7 in rheumatoid arthritis inflammation, and experimental results show that selective inhibition of CDK7 (pharmacological or gene knock-down) suppresses the production of IL-1β and IL-6 via a NF-κB mechanism [11,24].
General Comments
CDK7 is required for transcription. It phosphorylates the C-terminal domain of RNA polymerase II which enables transcription initiation. CDK7 has emerged as an attractive oncology target since its inhibition decreases the transcript levels of oncogenic transcription factors, especially those driven by super-enhancers, and to which some cancers become addicted [5,16,21-22,25].


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